Small tourenduro Honda CB150X

Small tourenduro Honda CB150X


Tourenduro is usually understood as a motorcycle that can easily move both on the highway and off-road. In a sense, driving in large Asian cities is comparable in terms of tasks. For this reason, Honda has released the CB150X as a small touring vehicle based on the naked CB150.

Honda CB150X, like the older model CB500X, has a full-fledged tourenduro design, a high windscreen, and a long-travel suspension. On the other hand, the CB150X is not built for off-roading. This is a purely urban tourenduro (sounds strange, of course), so it comes with 17-inch wheels with road tires. In any case, the Honda CB150X is better suited to rough roads and light dirt tracks than conventional naked shoes.

Honda CB150X Features:

  • 149cc Liquid Cooled Single Cylinder
  • injector
  • 16.5 hp power
  • six-speed gearbox
  • top speed 110 km / h
  • LED optics
  • black and white LCD tidy
  • Showa suspension (inverted fork and preload adjustable shock)
  • price from $ 2,250
  • Felix CintronNovember 3, 2021 23:21

    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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