Smart caritra from VW: Caddy with a two-meter bed.

Smart caritra from VW: Caddy with a two-meter bed.


Volkswagen has announced the premiere of a new modification of the Caddy, which will be called Mini-Camper. The novelty will be equipped with everything you need for travel and equipped with a six-foot bed.

Little house on wheels on the basis of Caddy will take place between California and the Grand California. The novelty will be offered with a panoramic glass roof with dimming option and a wide range of electronic assistants. In particular, the list of equipment will include adaptive cruise control Travel Assist and a Trailer Assist system that simplifies reversing with a trailer, as well as the function of informing about the approach of another car from behind when the door is opened.


VW Caddy Mini Camper will be available with two-liter diesel engines capacity of 75, 102 and 122 horsepower. Alternatively will offer a gasoline turbo engine capacity of 116 horsepower. Transmission – six-speed “mechanics” or seven-step “robot” DSG.

Volkswagen Caddy changed the generation in February this year, and this update was for the model most large-scale over the past 16 years. Caddy moved to the platform MQB, the new design of the exterior and interior, increased in size, and the drag coefficient was reduced from 0.33 to 0.30.

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