Smart presented an updated EQ fortwo and forfour

Smart presented an updated EQ fortwo and forfour


Electric cars have changed in appearance and got advanced mediacomplex.

Smart brand, which Daimler owns in half with Chinese concern Geely has presented updated hatchback and convertible EQ fortwo and forfour five-door EQ. Electric cars got a different design of the front end, advanced media complex with access to online services and advanced personalization.


The facelift has not brought the EQ smart fortwo and forfour radical change in design, although the brand continues to speak about “transition to a new era” and the complete abandonment of internal combustion engines. First smart fortwo and forfour are not only number of doors and size, but also the design of the front bumper: the machines of the grille of a different form and differently located optional fog lights. In the company insist that the design became more dynamic and sporty.

Changed head optics. New full-led headlights consist of three active elements: they serve as low beam and turn indicators. Through them the mode of “visual welcome” when you unlock the Central locking of the car. Lamps with geometric pattern is also led. Arrangement of the modules creates a depth effect, provides uniform illumination and variable angle and distance “the light signature”.

Photos of smart interior updated yet, but the manufacturer says a fully revised centre console with a compartment that fits even large smartphones. New multimedia with an eight-inch display provides deeper integration with gadgets and supports updates “over the air”. The owner of the electric vehicle will be able to remotely obtain information about the state of the machine and also to activate certain functions.

In addition, smart will offer several online services. For example, you can use them to find a place to Park and he parked the car, the citicar to protect against theft by using a geotagging, to learn, to fit in the trunk smart major purchase, and also to share the car with friends.


Powerplant electric smart consists of a 82-horsepower electric motor (160 Nm of torque) and the traction battery with a capacity of 17.6 kilowatt-hours. To the city 60 kilometers per hour EQ fortwo and forfour accelerates in 4.8 seconds. The power reserve is 159 miles on the NEDC cycle. Charging the battery from a household socket takes 3.5 hours, and an optional 22-kilowatt charging from 10 to 80 percent of it will be filled in 40 minutes.

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