“Smart” Tesla: electric cars make life easier with Parking

“Smart” Tesla: electric cars make life easier with Parking


Tesla cars have become much more Autonomous with the advent of 2019-Ohm Smart Summon. With its help, the owner can call up to himself his parked electric car. With a Parking space the car will drive itself to the driver. Many customers of the brand drew attention to the fact that it would be good to teach electric cars “Tesla” is still to Park without human intervention. Before this car planted to the driver and his passengers in a comfortable place for them. About it writes the edition Electrek.

The advent of Parking for cars Tesla in early March hinted the head of the company Elon Musk, talking about the planned modernization of the autopilot. Now, in his Twitter he said this is already more openly.


According to him, currently his staff shock working upgrade Tesla. Teach them to recognize traffic lights and stop signs. They will also get to select Reverse Summon. He will be one of the points upgrading the autopilot system, planned for the current year.

Meanwhile it became known that an electric Tesla pickup truck will be able to swim. About the new ability of electropica Tesla Cybertruck said Elon Musk.

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