“Smart” traffic lights will make the air cleaner

“Smart” traffic lights will make the air cleaner


The British company Now Wireless has developed “smart” traffic lights that regulate the movement of cars, avoiding their accumulation in the areas with severe air pollution. It is believed that thus it will be possible to reduce the concentration of exhaust gases in the Central areas of cities, making them more favorable for life, reports 3Dnews.

Traffic lights with artificial intelligence to identify locations with high levels of exhaust gas, based on data from roadside sensors, weather forecasts and even built-in car systems. Also they can use old statistics to predict places with strong air pollution within a certain period of time.

When the traffic lights are fixed sharp increase of toxic substances in the air, they automatically change the duration of the emission of red and green signals for about 20 seconds. For example, if in the city centre was seen much air pollution, going that way the cars will stop at red often longer.


The system will be first tested at the end of 2020 in the streets of the English city of Wolverhampton.

“We want to know if changing the duration of illumination of the traffic signals to improve traffic flow. We are talking about the distribution of load to improve air quality,” explained John Charles (John Charles), head of the transport Department of Wolverhampton.

If all goes according to plan, the system will not only provide the residents of the cities cleaner air, but will also allow the regions to comply with legal limits on air pollution at 83 %. While there is a risk that trying to reduce the level of pollution in one area of the city, the traffic lights will cause pollution in other areas.

Attempts to improve air quality in cities taken by many companies. But at the moment this issue is not as prevalent as before. The fact that during a declared pandemic coronavirus quarantine, air quality in many localities has improved considerably. For example, due to temporary closure of some factories and reduce the number of vehicles on the roads of India for the first time in decades, once again became visible to the Himalayas.

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