Smell engineer: Nissan told about an unusual profession

Smell engineer: Nissan told about an unusual profession


A variety of specialists work at the automobile plant, ranging from locksmiths to testers of assembled cars. But there’s another job that you’ve likely never heard of: the cabin air quality technician, as Nissan calls it.

Ryunosuke Ino has been sniffing Japanese brand cars for years. In the video, he reveals that he has to deprive himself of a dinner with strong spices (like onions and garlic), although we know that Japanese cuisine uses all this abundantly. Here is such a selfless work.

The examination begins with Ino getting into the passenger compartment and being in the same position as the driver or passenger. Next, he sniffs every detail, including sun visors, glove box, backrests and other elements that accumulate smell. The master performs the procedure both on the front seats and on the rear, as the finishing materials sometimes differ.

Ryunosuke Ino says the company has set high standards for new car smell. If it is violated, then you should install the “spoiled” item, check the information from the supplier and analyze the material. In some cases, the part is replaced with a new one.

Nissan pays attention not only to how a new car smells, but also how it sounds. Last year, the Japanese brand turned to Bandai Namco Group (the creator of Pac-Man, Tekken and Taiko Drum Master) for help. Specialists have developed a unique sound to reflect the different states of the car.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Nissan Qashqai from the FineAuto team:

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