So cut the ship, and 4,000 new Hyundai and KIA

So cut the ship, and 4,000 new Hyundai and KIA


Cargo ship MV Golden Ray carrying more than four thousand of Hyundai and KIA, and overturned off the coast of the United States, decided to cut the huge saws and take part to the barges. Thus, according to The Maritime Executive, the machines remaining in the holds do not get the plan – will destroy them with the ship.

The car carrier MV Golden Ray, built by the South Korean Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, lying on its side near the port of Brunswick, Georgia, USA, from September 8 last year. The ship was carrying several thousand of Hyundai and KIA in Baltimore, but for some reason after 23 minutes after leaving the port it started to tilt and eventually overturned. According to some, this occurred due to the incorrect placement of the cargo, according to Hyundai on the ship there was a fire.

After the incident, the environmental organization said that part of the fuel and antifreeze from the cars got into the water and even reached nearby rivers. In October 2019, the Golden Ray acknowledged non-recovery. The ship cut into eight pieces, each weighing up to 4,000 tons and will be transported on barges.


The company Gallagher Marine, which carry out recycling, intends to use a huge chain saws, because of fears that it may be a serious fire because the fuel tanks of the ship almost full. Together with a shell will be cut machine and all that is in the holds.

In late April off the coast of Los Angeles for almost a week drifting cargo ship Jupiter Spirit that brought two thousand new Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Problems with unloading has arisen due to the fact that the port was crowded with unsold cars. All because of a coronavirus affecting car sales not only in USA but around the world.

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