“So DT”: fuel prices fell by 24%

“So DT”: fuel prices fell by 24%


The average retail price of gasoline A-95 and diesel fuel in Ukraine since 3 January to 2 April 2020 if the conversion into dollars fell by 23-24% (to $0,26/l and $0,27/liter), to $0,89/l and $0,86/l, respectively. This was reported by enkorr “Consulting group A-95” with reference to the data of daily monitoring of the retail market.

Premium networks – OKKO and WOG – during this period, the reduced prices in dollar terms by 21%, the group “Privat”, operating in the economy segment, by 24% (see table). Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in networks Glusco, Amic and KLO dropped to 23-26%.


The maximum price decline during this period, recorded at network Sun Oil – 30%.

The main decrease in prices was due to devaluation of the hryvnia since the beginning of the year, the hryvnia weakened against the dollar by 17% from 23,68 UAH/USD. to 27.75 UAH/USD.

At the same time, under the influence of the external environment, since the 20th of March, retailers began to cut prices in local currency: over the last week the average price of gasoline and diesel fuel fell by 1.75 UAH/liter.

The experts of “Consulting group A-95” expect gasoline and diesel fuel will continue to become cheaper in the retail segment, however the limiting factor is the fall in retail sales in a quarantine on average 30-40%.

Lower prices and expects the Antimonopoly Committee. It is estimated that the potential reduction in retail prices of petrol is 3-5 UAH/liter.


On 2 April, the press service of President’s Office announced the appointment of the President with heads of the largest retail chains.

Dynamics of retail prices in gas station, 3 Jan/April 2, 2020, UAH/l:

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