Social networks were outraged by the video of an impressive convoy of 20 cars in Kiev


Recently in Kiev with official visit has arrived the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition to policy discussions with Vladimir Zelensky, the Prime Minister together with the President visited Babi Yar. At the same time, Netanyahu accompanied the convoy, which blocked traffic.


The video, which of Babi Yar went motorcade of 26 cars was posted in social networks Ukrainian journalist. Of course, the overlap movement caused a number of disturbances among the inhabitants of the country, because Zelensky promised not to do such. But sometimes not everything depends on a simple promise, because there are certain obligations to foreign guests. And then we have to understand that the motorcade of 26 vehicles video which was posted on Facebook by the journalist Alexander Goncharov, is not necessarily the President’s motorcade.

Moreover, according to the Law of Ukraine “On state protection of state authorities of Ukraine and officials”, or to be more precise, article 7 of this Law, “the heads of foreign States, governments, parliaments and international organizations who are in Ukraine on an official or working visits, provided by the state protection”. So the road closures on the route of the motorcade of Babi Yar in Kiev is not “failure Zelensky campaign promises”, but only the observance of laws and international diplomatic etiquette.

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Published Baba I kit Tuesday 20 August 2019.

Confirm written above and other normative documents. In particular, the regulations of the state Protocol and ceremonial of Ukraine and the decree of the President of Ukraine of 3 October 2006 No. 815 “On regulation of the use of temporary restriction or prohibition of road traffic during passage of a person in respect of whom the state protection”.


As for the impressive cortege of a dozen cars, a number of escorts could be the initiative of the Israeli side to be spelled out in the rider.

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