Songuo Motors has introduced 12 new concepts electrocycle

Songuo Motors has introduced 12 new concepts electrocycle

At the Seoul motor show 2019 introduced many new and not so cars. But besides them and talked about motorcycles. The Chinese company Songuo, for example, presented a whole range NeuWai, a third of which is electric bikes and scooters. About them will be discussed.

Let’s start with the sport of electric motorcycle NeuWai MF104. The manufacturer claims that its curb weight is 250 lbs. Range on a single charge of about 150 km, Maximum speed – 200 km/h.


MT104. Unlike the Yamaha MT motorcycles, this instance is more a bike type cruiser. Curb weight – 300 kg From the previous model it is characterized by the presence of seats. The cruising range is 140 km. the Maximum speed is 150 km/h.

In the category scooters CN104 presented in a retro-futuristic style. It is designed for a single rider, the estimated weight of the model is not specified. According to the manufacturer, it can travel on a single charge is about 45 km. the Maximum speed is 90 km/h.

Sports scooter CL104. This concept shows a convex design of the headlights and front fairing, reminiscent of the Yamaha Morphous. Curb weight – 220 kg Range is 80 km and the Maximum speed is 100 km/h.


It should be noted that this is only preliminary data and when the line is released, the current specifications are subject to change. It is a common practice. But there are other moments: Songuo has a global strategy of production and sales, but where it will be sold electronicly said.

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In a press release, CEO Tim Songuo Shin said that the company has created a “patented system for forming a composite body panels in color with a glossy surface”. This material is not known, but stress that it is recyclable, durable and not easily wrinkled. Shin also added that “space frames provide a structural advantage in comparison with unnecessarily heavy traditional frames or one-piece construction”. Thus we come to the conclusion that this mysterious material – plastic. In any case, we will continue to monitor new electric family.

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