Sony doesn’t know what to do with the Vision-S electric car concept

Sony doesn’t know what to do with the Vision-S electric car concept


As part of his recent interview, a Sony spokesman said that the company continues to develop a previously presented concept. More details on the concept will appear at the upcoming CES Consumer Electronics Show.

Sony is actively involved in the automotive industry. The Japanese tech giant that unveiled the Vision-S concept at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show is still working on the vehicle. Vision-S prototypes were spotted back in May this year.

If you’re wondering what Sony is doing with the non-mass-produced Vision-S concept these days, Izumi Kawanishi, Sony’s executive vice president, shared some thoughts with reporters from established automotive publications.

According to Mr. Kavanishi, Sony does not have “a concrete plan for now” because the company is currently in the research and development phase.

“We need to find out what our goal is in providing mobility services. This is our main idea and we must continue the research and development phase, ”said Kavanishi.

The Sony Vision-S is clearly a concept test bed of what the Japanese can do in the automotive industry. There is a 360 Reality Audio system that creates a sound sphere for each passenger, as well as a 5G internet connection that connects to the PlayStation network.

Needless to say, a wide range of Sony products – movies, music and games – will be used to consume content and technology in the car.

“To create such an in-car entertainment space, we need to understand the possibilities and build the right interior system,” said Kavanishi.

More importantly, Kawanishi said Sony will provide us with more details on the Vision-S development at the upcoming CES.

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