Sony introduced its first electric car

Sony introduced its first electric car


The most interesting new product at the consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas was electric from Sony. Large four-wheel-drive liftback Vision-S looks quite production-ready, but does it make sense?

Electronics manufacturers and IT giants have sought to become brands, but a successful case history is not recorded. From the idea of building their own cars long abandoned Apple and Google, and fresh examples are the collapse of the automotive design companies Dyson and minimize the automobile program of the company Yamaha. However, Sony also decided to have their say in the car business and brought to the exhibition CES electric Vision-S.

Sony Vision-S is, of course, not completely independent project: its development was attracted experienced partners from the world of automotive technology – Magna Steyr, Continental, Bosch, ZF and suppliers of electronic chips – Nvidia and Qualcomm. Based on Vision’s lies are typical for contemporary “trains” skateboard is a platform with a battery placed under the floor within the wheelbase, and air suspension double wishbone “in a circle”. Platform that theoretically allows you to build on top of any body, but for the debut of the Sony is very predictable chose liftback, ideologically close to the Tesla Model S. the Name Vision-S is also clearly alludes to the source of inspiration.

With a wheelbase of 3000 mm and the length of the body in 4895 mm Vision-S ready to take on Board only four people in the second row has two individual chairs. The power plant consists of two electric motors of power 200 kW (272 HP) each. To 100 km/h electric car Sony accelerates in 4.8 seconds, top speed – 240 km/h. Claimed weight – 2350 kg. It is all known technical data.

But what about the key for electric vehicle characteristics, battery capacity and cruising range on a single charge? Alas, they Sony has to announce not ready. But she told that was supplied by Vision’s unique “enveloping” of each rider audio system with dozens of speakers built-in including Seating, and dozens of sensors monitoring the health of the driver and passengers – on the basis of the obtained data, the AI will select for each an optimum temperature, lighting and soundtrack. For safety on the road watching dozens of other sensors and camera – body Sony Vision’s literally littered with them. In the Arsenal includes three lidar, which indicates the possibility of fully Autonomous driving.


All this, however, we have seen many times on other concepts, so the wow-effect, no. Design Vision-S also imagination not amazing. The exterior is completely secondary and the lighting is a bit like Porsche Taycan. Interior with five screens on the front panel (side perform the function of rear view mirrors) – is also passed many stages: from Faraday Future FF 91, for example, “TV” anymore because they are interesting.

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As a concept Sony Vision-S does not offer the world anything new. As a production model it may would make sense, if Sony started to sell it tomorrow, but the serial perspectives of the Vision’s company yet nothing is reported. Theoretically, the issue can be organized on the facilities of Magna Steyr would be the desire of but competition in the electric car market is now too high, and it is unlikely that Sony will have enough resources to deal with the same Tesla or the traditional type of giants Daimler and VW, valiuum billions of dollars and euros in the development and production of its own “trains”.

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