Soon will be the premiere of the production models checkrow SUV Bollinger

Soon will be the premiere of the production models checkrow SUV Bollinger


On 26 September, a U.S. startup Bollinger Motors plans to hold the premiere of the commodity versions of a pickup truck B2 and B1 of the SUV. It is planned that from next year cars will begin to come off the Assembly line.

About the Bollinger group became known in 2017. Then, she presented a Primitive SUV V1, which has got aluminium body and electric motor. Then the manufacturer said that in mid-2019, the car will be launched in serial production. Started free collection of pre-orders.


As usual, the automaker failed to meet the deadline, because the middle of the year has already passed. To customers, zainteresovalas brand, didn’t panic last week, the manufacturer demonstrated the Assembly of pre-production prototypes and set a date for demonstrations will be posted and the cost.

Two years has made some changes to the project. So, the three-door SUV Q1 will replace the five-door counterpart with the same marking and the B2 truck based SUV. The latter will receive 3018 mm wheelbase and overall length will be 4356 mm. as for the truck, wheelbase – 3531 mm, overall length is 5270 mm. Both cars have a payload of 2268 kg, as they can accommodate only four passengers. Curb weight of the SUV and pickup – 2177 kg and 2268 kg, respectively.

Car engine are two electric motors that power of 622 horsepower. The car also has a step-down gear, to move off-road. Nearly a hundred both cars can accelerate to a hundred in 4.5 seconds. maximum speed is 160 km/h. Power motors carries a lithium ion battery that provides a 322 kilometer of travel.

As for design, its components are detachable windshield, dashboard covers and doors on external hinges. Also stated the presence of the audio system, air conditioning and heated seats.

Basically, the main issues relate to safety of the machine. Most likely, the passive system will be represented only by the straps. The salon contains a large number of corners that can cause injury during a crash. Because of the special structure of the body there is no guarantee that Bollinger will pass the crash test and shall withstand a minimum of certification impacts. Basically, if the car will not get the admission on public roads, tourists and hunters will quietly ignore safety concerns.


After analyzing the video, we can conclude that we created a car using the bypass technology. It’s hard to imagine how practically in garage conditions will be collected more than thirty thousand cars. The planned establishment of a new plant in Detroit, however, information about him is virtually nonexistent.

By the way, in 2017, a doctor-engineer Yuri Postnikov was proposed similar to bollinger checkrow concept SUV. The manufacturer is trying to sell his brainchild of Elon musk, but the response is not received. About the serial production of this car information.

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