Sorry… the New KIA Optima will arrive in Europe

Sorry… the New KIA Optima will arrive in Europe


The head of the European branch of KIA, Emilio Herrera announced the departure of Optima with the European market. The new sedan in Europe will not sell due to low demand. Is Optima Korean firm will focus on promoting Sorento crossover fourth generation.

In an interview with Dutch publication Autovisie, Emilio Herrera stressed that KIA considered the possibility of new sales of the Optima in Europe, but marketers of Korean firms found that in a highly competitive segment sedans D-class is dominated by German premium brands.


Estimated KIA, the actual “fourth” Optima sold well only in Poland and Sweden, and in the Scandinavian countries the demand for station wagons, which will not be in the fifth generation. The market analysis allowed to come to the conclusion that to sell the new sedan in Europe is not economically feasible, said the boss of Kia Motors Europe.

Abandoning the Optima, KIA is planning to bet on the Sorento fourth – generation seven-seat crossover will remain a crossover flagship of the Korean company in the European market. Those who prefer passenger cars, can pay attention to Stinger.

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