Sought after Jimny leaves the UK. What’s the matter?

Sought after Jimny leaves the UK. What’s the matter?


The Japanese company plans to sell in Europe only hybrid and electric models.

Model lineup the company will lose all Suzuki models with a classical internal combustion engine in the UK, but orders for Jimny 4×4 will be performed. New orders for the popular SUV will not take. The future compact SUV has already been called into question after Suzuki UK said that it will be sold “in very limited quantities for 2020” in the beginning of the year.

A brand representative confirmed that after the next 4-5 months he will be officially reduced. While it remains a possibility that in the future, the model will return to the market as a commercial vehicle class N1, where the rear row of seats will be dismantled in favor of the cargo area. However, this is not confirmed officially.

Fate Jimny largely based on the new stricter ekonorm, as its CO2 emissions even in the most modest modification is 154 g / km, much higher than the average 95 g / km, which Suzuki needs to reach in 2021.


The new lineup now includes a Suzuki Vitara SUV and S-Cross, hatchbacks Swift and Swift Sport and Ignis car city. All are now offered exclusively with gasoline engines with a mild hybrid.

In Ignis and Swift uses the cheaper and more simple system 12, while SUVs and Swift Sport will use a better system 48 V. Suzuki claims that the efficiency of the models increased by 15% and CO2 emission by 25% compared to the previous non-hybrid versions.

Soon the range will also be joined Across the SUV, which was recently presented as the first product created in partnership between Suzuki and Toyota. In fact, it is converted and a slightly updated RAV4, Across features the first hybrid transmission Suzuki.

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