Sound from the past: new Caterham Super Seven 1600

Sound from the past: new Caterham Super Seven 1600


British company Caterham Cars has unveiled the next retrospective model. A unique feature of the Super Seven 1600 was the acoustic simulation of the horizontal twin carburettors Weber 40 DCOE, is widely used on cars of the 70s.

Caterham keeps the spirit of the iconic Lotus Seven sports car, the license for which was acquired in 1973. Several times Caterham struggled to make any new model (including in collaboration with French Alpine brand), but always returned to the basics, that is, the “seven”, and the farther, the more valuable become these origins. In 2016, the company released a limited edition retrospective model Seven Sprint on stamped steel wheels, and a year later – track Super Sprint, sports car and both fled among fans of the brand like hot cakes. Today, when even when the car Morgan acquire technologies of the XXI century, the Caterham remains faithful to traditions, and deeper digging in the past.


Super Seven 1600 is an example of such digging. In this model, the developers have tried to accurately reproduce the spirit of the 70’s, when just beginning the Caterham. Super Seven 1600, and Sprint has the long wings of the front wheels, stretching to the cockpit. Instead of “die” – old school 14-inch alloy wheels plus stock in the stern on fine tubular pedestal.

Frame windscreen, radiator grille, headlight housings, sills and exhaust system plated. The body is painted in one of seven unique colors. In the cabin – wooden steering wheel, soft rugs, rough square button, gentle leather-trimmed seats and front panel with a scattering analog devices Smiths.

But the main thing in Super Seven 1600 is a modified 1.6-liter atmospheric petrol engine Ford Sigma (137 HP, 165 Nm). Him took and screwed the case of the aforementioned horizontal carburetors, and the top planted air filters K&N, which on the left side of the hood even had to make a special cutout. It looks cool, but when you drive every time you press the gas pedal the carburetor is accompanied by a characteristic, slightly raspy roar, despite the fact that the injection, of course, remained electronic, that is, environmental characteristics are not affected.

Transmission – 5-speed “mechanics”. To 60 mph (96,56 km/h) Caterham Super Seven 1600 accelerates for 5 seconds, top speed of 122 mph (196 km/h). Curb weight is 522 lbs.

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In fact, the specifications are the same as the basic Caterham Seven 270, but is Super Seven 1600 much more expensive: from 33 495 pounds to 27, 490, and this price is for a kit-car for self build in the garage, and if you want to get ready the car, you need to pay another £ 2395.

Caterham Super Seven 1600 is available as standard narrow (S3), and advanced (SV) body to corpulent driver. Also as options available limited-slip differential, sport or track suspension, reinforced brakes and a heap of all of the decor. In contrast to the “Sprints” Super Seven 1600 – regular model, so that will be enough for everyone.

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