Special Inspection of Passenger Traffic

Special Inspection of Passenger Traffic


We have already said that new standards for admitting transport to routes are being introduced in Kiev. To the carriers are now imposed rather strict requirements, ranging from the temperature in the cabin of the “minibus” and ending with the absence of “chanson” music and uniforms for drivers. A special service of inspectors will control the implementation of these standards.

Moreover, inspectors will communicate with drivers and carriers with their chest video camera turned on. The public transport control service will check not only the driver’s documents, but also the temperature and cleanliness in the cabins, the availability of devices for boarding sedentary categories of passengers, the presence of branded clothing among the drivers, the technical condition of buses operating on the route.

All this was done in order to raise the standards of passenger transportation, even by private companies. They now have to not only win the competition for the route, but also maintain quality standards throughout the entire period of work on it.

Now carriers will not be able to submit one transport to the tender, but to operate completely different buses after winning the tender.

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