Special sneakers for driving the latest Nissan Z

Special sneakers for driving the latest Nissan Z


While the new Nissan Z has yet to hit the market, three sets of driving shoes have just been introduced for the sports car.

The shoes came to life thanks to the collaboration between Nissan and the Japanese company Negroni. Moreover, the chief specialist for Nissan products Hiroshi Tamura took part in this joint project. The new shoe builds on Negroni’s existing Idea Corsa sneaker, which is its flagship shoe for drivers.

Three distinctive colors have been developed for the Z-style models: yellow with silver, blue with silver and white with silver. The shoe includes a large Negroni logo on the sides, as well as a small pin with a Z icon.

Motor Trend notes that the Negroni Idea Corsa is crafted from a unique type of leather that adapts to the rider’s foot. It even features carbon fiber inserts and a rounded heel and outsole to help riders downshift flawlessly from heel to toe.

For a pair of sneakers in yellow Ikazuchi blooms, you will have to allocate about $ 440. A white pair costs less than $ 340, while a blue pair costs a minimum of $ 420.

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