Specialists Novitec modified Ferrari 488 Pista


Novitec proved that the tuner does not need to add a huge wing and other crazy aerodynamic elements to attract attention.


Feeling weak to the Ferrari brand, the Bavarian tuner Novitec sure knows how to seamlessly update the look of the car without risking to ruin the original design created by talented people from Maranello.

For example, 488 Pista at first glance it may seem not so refined. As they say, the devil is in the details, as Novitec tastefully modernized Italian supercar thanks to a lightweight body kit with carbon fibre elements, tested in the wind tunnel. Front splitter reduces aerodynamic lift, Pista 488 when moving at high speeds.

Body panels provide a wider side profile, as the use of carbon fiber for the mirrors and triangles on the door Windows. At the rear of the Novitec set solernou edge and the carbon coating for round tail lights. Completing the visual changes is the tint applied on the side blinkers and third brake light.


Standard wheels Ferrari tuner replaced own kit size 21 inch on the front axle and 22 inches on the rear. New pads are complemented by a hydraulic suspension, which lowers 488 Pista approximately 35 millimeters, providing a more aggressive “stance”.

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