Speed and Power! Africa Special | BBC

Speed and Power! Africa Special | BBC


The boys face the ultimate African challenge… a muddy puddle. Luckily some reserves from the Ugandan army are on hand to help out.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

Hello, chaps. Aw, you're both stuck. Are you stuck, James? I've gone into a bit of a soft bit.
Are you stuck?' Well, I tell you what, let's find out. I've improved
the style of the Subaru no end! I'm free as well. Thank you, guys, that was a trap,
wasn't it? A bit, yes. You evil sods. We pointed our cars at the border
with Rwanda and set off on a 600-mile journey to what we now
knew was the true source of the Nile. I wonder if we are heading towards
that massive rain cloud. Yes, we are, aren't we? MUSIC: "Africa"
by Toto As the miles rolled by, we started to
climb into the mountains. Oh, wow, this is
very, very pretty, here. 'But, we couldn't really admire the
view, because the road was starting 'to be a bit of a test for two
of the 1,500 quid second-hand cars.' My bash plate is
earning its keep today. Oh, cock. Oh. We are both in the same boat
here, James and I. It is called the HMS Careful. Meanwhile, far ahead, my four-wheel-drive Subaru was
scampering along. Come on, come on! I am king of the forest. Bloody hell, look at this one. Come on, beemer! Come on! How is it doing this? Ooh… Absolutely no chance. 'Annoyingly, I had to ask the
agri-yob to come back and help.' What is the expression about pig
in… It's Hammond in mud? Yeah, it'll pull out.
Give him a tug. I'm going to. Did it hit you? Yes, it did
What was that? It was a huge chunk of
tree just bounced off… And smashed my windscreen. Has it?
Yeah. We probably should get
a move on. I will back it up James, get your tow rope out.
Go, go, go. 'As I pulled James free…' Yes! Bloody brilliant, Hammond. '..some locals arrived
and Jeremy decided 'to give them a quick lecture
on his theories
of off-road driving.' Now, I believe in speed. Power. Power and speed solves many things. Right… James, how far?
Middle of the puddle. (THROUGH MEGAPHONE) Speed and power! LAUGHTER Go faster! Speed and power doesn't
work. It was doing quite well. To be honest,
I was surprised you got that far. Do you think you could push it out?
Yeah. Yes? OK. Which way…? Oh, I've got
to get out of the way. These guys
are immensely str Drive back, drive back. OK. Good going! There you go. 'Having freed Jeremy, the men
started to build him a new road.' I wouldn't do that bare
feet, I can't watch. I am assuming
he has never got it wrong because he still has
an entire right foot. OK. Three, two, one! APPLAUSE Yes! Well done, that
was amazing. Well done. Thank you, guys, that is amazing. 'With my dues paid…' Thank you, thank you. '..we were back on our way.' It is amazing, those guys actually
turned out to be Ugandan army. Up here training.
God, they are strong. 'We hoped that that would be
the last of the mud, 'but as the day went on
it got even worse.' Oh, no, I have no steering.
No, no, no! Go! Thank you. It is beached. Bloody hell. Thank you. Hit it. Oh, cock. We are just going to blow the
clutches to pieces. Going to have to pull it out. Go on, go on, go on,
you son of a… Ha-ha-ha! SCREAMING That was so damn close. 'And then, to add to the misery, I
discovered there had been treachery.' How long has that been there?
Good grief! You must have… Hammond, I know what your panto face
is. Hammond, where is that? What are those really big things?
They could rip steel. I know exactly where it is. I have no idea and you will never
get it out of me. May! Is that thing on the front
of your car made out of my door? (Yes, it is.) Is that my door? What? It is from my door,
I know it is from my door. You're not using that bit
and it was more useful on my car. You didn't even notice. That's it,
that's it. Can you give me a tow? No!

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