Speed Week Final Five | What is the best performance car of 2021? Winner announcement

Speed Week Final Five | What is the best performance car of 2021? Winner announcement


Chopping 26 contenders from this year’s Speed Week down to five was hard enough… now we have to pick a winner. But what will be this year’s Performance Car of The Year? It’s time for Magazine’s Jack Rix to unleash the Ferrari SF90, Porsche GT3, Hyundai i20, BMW M3 and, er, a Peugeot 205 GTi on Exmoor. Chris Harris on… Restomods: FIRST DRIVE: Singer’s DLS Project: Magazine Speed Week 2021: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

we did it it wasn’t easy but we did it we managed to whistle 26 speed week contenders down to just five and we’re here for one final fling in the somerset devon borders but before i explain why we picked those five and tell you our overall winner i just want to do a shout out to the cars that impressed us on track but didn’t quite make the grade the bentley continental gt speed never thought i’d see a car that big sliding around like that the huracan sto a total thug the brx hunter pretty much the most fun that you can have on four wheels and the catering 170r because as we all know there ain’t no party like a lightweight party anyway where was i oh yeah final five now by the way these are the cars that excelled on track but we all agreed had another layer to show us on the road and we start with the big guns the ferrari sf90 now there was quite a bit of animated conversation around this car mainly around the fact that it’s a bit over complicated especially in the corners on track it didn’t feel like the hybrid system on the front axle was communicating particularly well with the v8 engine back there but one thing you cannot debate is just how face peelingly fast this thing is on the road the traction the accessibility of a thousand horsepower it’s just insane next up the new 911 gt3 an obvious finalist perhaps but this is just such a fantastic car on the road on the track wherever you want to put it now yes this has the new double wishbone front suspension which makes the the front end a bit more precise especially on the road but potentially lost a little bit of character and the overall experience isn’t actually that different to the old gt3 so 9000 rpm you still got the pdk gearbox pinging through the gears although in fairness i think i’ll probably have one of these with a manual gearbox still feels like the best built car here what this is is a car that gives you no reasons not to buy one it doesn’t really have any weaknesses apart from the fact that you have to be best mates with your local porsche dealer to get on the list for one number three is the bmw m3 don’t worry we’re over the grill we’re not going to talk about that what it probably needs actually is a bit more shape in the rear arch but we’ll leave styling to one side for a minute and talk about the question that still persists over this car’s price you can actually spec one of these up now to a hundred thousand pounds but it is mercilessly competent this car um the traction the chassis can generate the response of the engine the way you can tailor the drivetrain in the chassis in myriad ways it’s still the super saloon that we all want and now it’s even more rounded it can do a thousand mile road trip without blinking and then sit sideways all day in your local tractor next up it’s the peugeot 205 gti by tolman engineering an odd choice perhaps but this extremely sympathetic resto mod is just fantastic to drive it’s been upgraded to be better than you and costs a mere 45 000 pounds but for something that’s going to make you smile and laugh every single day that you own it i think that’s a bit of a bargain it might even work too i actually drove this thing here this morning i had a 50 mile drive and genuinely i didn’t want to be in any other car in the entire world when everything goes digital and electric this is the sort of stuff we need in our garage but the overall winner is the cheapest car in the entire test it’s the hyundai i20n i’ll be honest before speed weekend started we were all rooting for the little hyundai we wanted it to be good because it’s small it’s fast it’s affordable in a sea of slightly overpriced stuff and boy has it delivered the big question mark hanging over this car was always the fiesta st is it better than a fiesta st and the conclusion i’ve come to is they’re actually quite different cars the fiesta probably still has the more playful chassis but it’s actually a lot simpler it’s only got three fairly primitive driving modes in this thing you can change literally any parameter that you can think of and then you can save your presets to these two big end mode buttons on the steering wheel and in that respect it’s a bit like a baby bmw m3 and it makes this car feel like astonishing value a proper gadget to play with and then there’s the way this card just dissects the road and the racetrack by the way it’s a proper little fighter the engine could probably do with being a bit more zingy the revs don’t drop quite quickly enough so when you come off the throttle you get this little surge but when you’re on the power it sounds good it goes well the front end grip is just astonishing it even looks good i mean honestly what more do you want for a car that’s gonna make you smile every single day and cost 25 grand probably 250 quid a month this is astonishing this is very very good indeed good enough to be top gears speed week champion 2021 well done little hyundai you did it so that’s it that’s your lot for more speed week don’t forget to check out top gear magazine topgear.com all top gear social media channels and to like and subscribe you

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