Speeding penalty due to the inscription on the T-shirt

Speeding penalty due to the inscription on the T-shirt


The goal of automating any process is to reduce costs and labor. This is one of the reasons why the world is aggressively working on robotic taxis, and cameras are being used on the roads to detect intruders. In both cases, electronics accuracy and reliability are still the biggest challenges.

David and Paula Knight were convinced of this firsthand when they received a “letter of happiness” with a fine imposed on their Volkswagen Transporter minibus, which allegedly violated traffic rules 200 kilometers from their home in the English city of Surrey. But upon closer inspection, the couple noticed that the camera made a mistake, and the photographic evidence contained in the letter did not show their van or vehicle at all.

The traffic camera took a photo of the pedestrian. The woman in the photo was walking in the lane of the bus – for a car, entering this lane is a violation for which a fine is imposed. The vehicle is identified by reading the license plate and identifying a match in the database, after which the automated system sends a “letter of happiness” to the car owner. But in this case, the electronics made a mistake.

The traffic camera recognized the KNITTER lettering on the woman’s clothing as the license plate of David and Paula Knight’s Volkswagen Transporter. The original license plate contains the text KN19 TER, which is actually a specific entry for the same word as on the woman’s clothing. This is a personal number, which is a reference to the family name – Knight – Knight.

Since in the photo taken by the traffic camera, the inscription on the clothes was partially obscured, the system “read” it as the license plate of the Volkswagen Transporter of the Knight family. The automated system sent the owners a £ 60 fine, but later the couple received a new receipt for £ 90. After that, the owners called the traffic administration to put everything in its place. On the other side of the wire, the owners of the car first began to scold for a gross violation of traffic rules, but when he saw the photographic evidence, Knights’ interlocutor “burst out laughing.” As a result, the fine was canceled.

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