Spezzare Ford Mustang Mach-E already sold out

Spezzare Ford Mustang Mach-E already sold out


Electric crossover version of the First Edition sold like hot cakes.

At the motor show in Los Angeles in 2019 Ford conquered the world of electric vehicles, introducing Mustang Mach-E. SUV with zero emissions, received the name of the legendary American car, appeared on a special website immediately after the big debut in Los Angeles, where customers were able to pre-order for the novelty. By the way, you can request it now, but sobe edition First for $ 61,000 already sold out – in just nine days.

On the website маркеl dedicated Mach-E presented a special edition, but mentions that this version is now sold out. Ford has not announced how many units it plans to produce, and in the press release mentioned only “a limited number”. Because these deposits are refundable, there is a probability that several people change their minds, and in theory, a special model might be available again.

What makes it special than any other conventional configuration Mach-E? The crossover has an advanced package of options, including four-wheel drive, red brake calipers and badges First Edition, and inside there is a metal pedal pads and contrast stitching. Completes set up a sign with the words “First Edition”, which serves as a reminder that this is not just Mach-E.

Ford will produce about 50,000 units Mustang Mach-E in the first year of production of the electric SUV, and he, of course, will determine the priorities of supply to customers hi. – Jim. The first cars will start to arrive in late 2020, and they will also include premium version cost 51 $ 700. USA, the base version of the Mach-E Select is a value of $ 44 995. USA and California super-efficient modification of the Mach-53 E cost of $ 500. USA, which is due out in early 2021. And her later follow sports car cost 61 $ 600. USA Mach-E GT.

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