Spies photographed a powerful Aston Martin DBX

Spies photographed a powerful Aston Martin DBX


At the disposal of the portal Motor1.com were spy photos of the “charged” Aston Martin DBX S, which will become the most powerful crossover in the range. According to rumors, the novelty is set in motion by a 12-cylinder engine with a capacity of about 700 horsepower: the assumption of a more powerful engine was made based on the external differences of the S-version from the standard Aston Martin DBX with a V8 under the hood. For example, a “charged” crossover has four exhaust pipes instead of the standard two and large air intakes for more efficient cooling of the engine compartment.

In the meantime, Aston Martin is releasing a DBX with an uncontested 4.0-liter “turbo eight” from Mercedes-AMG, which is combined with a nine-band automatic. The engine develops 550 horsepower and accelerates the car to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds. As for the DBX S, it is highly likely that it will be equipped with either a 12-cylinder engine with 700 horsepower or a V8 boosted to 730 horsepower.

Thus, in the foreseeable future DBX will acquire three new modifications, one of which will be the aforementioned “charged” version, and the second – a plug-in hybrid. The latter will hit the market in 2024 and will be equipped with a V8 4.0 based installation and an electric motor. As for the third version, you will not have to wait long for it: before the end of the year, the DBX should debut with a hybrid installation based on an inline 3.0-liter “turbo six” in combination with the same nine-band automatic and all-wheel drive from Mercedes-AMG. p>

Aston Martin DBX will also have new body options, including “more aggressive styling.” Most likely, the crossover will receive a coupe-like version and a long-wheelbase modification. Thus, by 2024, the Aston Martin DBX will become a whole family of six different versions.

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