Spoil diesel auto sales statistics

Spoil diesel auto sales statistics


So, regarding the first four months of 2019 registration of passenger cars equipped with gasoline engines increased by 6%, to 15.3 thousand units the share of such cars on the market increased from 57% to 64%.

Also, for the period from January to April, increased sales of hybrid cars to 979 PCs, the company informed the demand for them was 850 PCs. In the result, the share of hybrids on the market has increased from 3 to 4 percent.

Virtually unchanged in the segment of cars with zero emissions – the smallest in the market structure of new cars. From January to April, the Ukrainians have purchased 154 new passenger cars on electric, only 5 pieces in less than a year earlier.


At the same time marked by a sharp decline in the popularity of cars running on diesel. Since the beginning of the year, my first registration was only 7.2 thousand diesel cars. Whereas a year ago their sales came close to the figure 8.5 thousand units Is a drop in the demand has led to the loss of 4% in market share of diesel, which now accounts for 30 percent.

But the biggest loss was recorded in the segment of passenger cars with gas equipment. The demand for new cars has fallen by 75%. From the beginning there were only 343 new passenger car with LPG. As a result, their share in the primary market has decreased from 5 to 1.4 percent.

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