Sports car KTM X-Bow GTX led the company in the category of GT2

Sports car KTM X-Bow GTX led the company in the category of GT2


The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer has announced a particularly hardcore version of the X-Bow: one “horse” for every half a kilogram.

Firm KTM to expand its production line first car back in 2008, when shown the X-Bow at the exhibition in Geneva. In creating a low volume sports car, the Austrians took part, the engineers of brands such as Audi and Kiska Design, and chassis for it has developed in Dallara.


In fact, the turbo engine from the Audi sports car and is equipped with: in the most powerful versions of the KTM X-Bow offers returns of up to 360 HP and 500 Nm of torque. However, the light is ready to emerge this wild modification. KTM has announced a new variant of X-Bow, created in partnership with the same allies, which will be referred to as X-Bow GTX.

And it promises to be really fiery. It is expected that this version will supply well-known Audi five-cylinder engine volume of 2.5 liters, which can develop up to 600 HP Considering the car weighs less than a ton, the ratio of the power weight provide him with hurricane dynamics.

According to preliminary reports, KTM is planning to homologate a new modification that will allow X-Bow racing GT2 series. He will appear in the free market, but the price tag is impressive, and the circulation is very limited. During the existence of the X-Bow, the Austrian firm has issued only about 1,300 machines, which, however, does not interfere with KTM to be one of the two Austrian manufacturers – together with Magna Steyr.

What can be better KTM: motorcycles, or track cars?

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