Sports car with rotary motor and electric motor

Sports car with rotary motor and electric motor


The Mazda brand has patented a novelty with an unusual layout in Europe. The publication Autoevolution, which published the drawings from the patent application, reports that we are talking about a rear-wheel drive sports car with a hybrid powertrain based on a rotary engine. It is not yet known whether a similar model will appear in Mazda’s production lineup.

The diagrams attached to the application show a car with a body silhouette reminiscent of a hatchback. In its engine compartment there is a power unit, which the publication identified as a three-section rotor. The engine is reportedly completely new and will be assisted by a 48-volt starter-generator.

In addition, according to the diagrams, the Autoevolution edition concludes that the layout of the power plant provides for a transaxle-type transmission with a gearbox located in the area of ​​the rear axle. Most likely, this implies drive to the rear wheels of the car.

It is noteworthy that although the Mazda brand is known for its work on Wankel engines, it used three-section engines only on one civilian model – the Eunos Cosmo, in other cases preferring one or two-rotor schemes. Whether a similar model will be put into production now, there is no information yet.

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