Sports car Yamaha from the Creator of the McLaren F1

Sports car Yamaha from the Creator of the McLaren F1


Japanese company Yamaha has previously filed documents in the patent office of Europe to register a new sports car.

In April 2018, Yamaha has registered the intellectual property Office of the European Union the design is elegant, compact sports car. For some reason, the Agency did not publish the submitted documents till 23 APR 2020. Earlier, the Japanese brand has announced that it no longer plans to develop cars.


Upon closer examination of the published photos, we can conclude that we face is the electric car – the car has no obvious exhaust ports. However, the intake openings for air intake, which are located in the roof and sides of the car, more like design elements for the compartment with the internal combustion engine than for a machine with an electric motor.

Further proof that this vehicle is an electric vehicle, is recently demonstrated for Yamaha motor vehicles.

In a promotional video of company, dedicated to this engine used a modified Alfa Romeo 4C as a test machine. For Yamaha it is not so difficult to imagine a version of this system, is close to ready for production, the concept car similar to the one shown in these images.

In the patent document lists a variety of designers, who participated in the creation of this vehicle. One of the most prominent figures among them is Gordon Murray, who also had a hand in the creation of the British hybrid supercar McLaren F1.


The similarity of the design of this patented auto shows in 2015, the concept makes the discovery of these images even more intriguing, as it shows that the company is quite serious about the possibility of creating their own cars. Previously submitted prototype weighed only 750 kg and be powered by a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine capacity of from 70 to 80 HP

Not so long ago our newspaper wrote about the fact that Yamaha has introduced a new 270-horsepower electric motor for cars and motorcycles.

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