“Sports” Carlisle: details of the new version cross-coupe

“Sports” Carlisle: details of the new version cross-coupe


Porsche has embarked on the final stage tests in Cayenne “driverkey” version of the GTS. Photospin managed to “catch” pre-production crossovers without disguise and to record the engine sound innovations – judging from the tone, under the hood will appear derated V8 4.0 Turbo modifications.

External revelations from the new version, can’t wait: the performance of the GTS will differ slightly modernized bumpers, wheel design, package “antigram” will get the brake system with denationalise front calipers and four piston rear from the Turbo version, and optional for SUVs will be available are carbon ceramic brakes.

The key difference GTS from other modifications may be clearance of the exhaust system: a pair of oval pipes to the muffler will be located almost in the center, and the findings will be corrugated profile. In this case, the rear bumper has changed more than the front, because the serial Cayenne GTS confusing extreme fake plugs will not.


The powertrain certainly will share with the Panamera GTS in the body 971, so you can count on to 460 (620 Nm of torque) Twin-Turbo V8 with a capacity of 4.0 liters.

Premiere of the Porsche Cayenne GTS is delayed, since the debut of the Porsche Cayenne third generation, took 2.5 years. It is possible to assume that innovations Porsche has made adjustments because of the pandemic coronavirus.

Modification GTS – not the latest rendition of the Cayenne, which is preparing to debut. Insiders believe that the German firm will present 800-horsepower super hybrid version which will be faster than the Lamborghini Urus.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive Porsche Cayenne Coupe 2020 from the team InfoCar.ua:

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