Sports Tour Honda NT1100 2022

Sports Tour Honda NT1100 2022


The Japanese motorcycle giant Honda, as we expected, is releasing a new Honda NT1100 2022 sport tour, developed on the basis of the Honda Africa Twin 1100 touring vehicle. In essence, the same Africa, but with 17-inch wheels and a sports-touring body kit.

The main characteristics are very similar to the Honda Africa Twin 1100. And the power output is 101 hp. (75kW) 1087cc twin-cylinder, dual-clutch DCT and 6.5-inch LCD dashboard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. At the same time, the bike weighs 238 kg (or 248 kg with DCT).

The Honda NT1100 was designed for long distance travel in pairs, but only on the highway. Seat height 812 mm (approx. 55 mm lower than the Africa Twin). Much attention was paid to body kit and aerodynamics to make the bike feel good at high cruising speeds. In the basic configuration, there is cruise control, as well as a set of streamlined trunks, except for the top one. From Africa got switchable modes (3 factory, 2 custom), traction control and wheelie control, engine braking system.

In Britain, the 2022 Honda NT1100 will cost £ 11,999 ($ ​​12,999 for the DCT version).

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