Spotify has come up with a device for cars called Car Thing

Spotify has come up with a device for cars called Car Thing


The renowned music streaming platform Spotify has unveiled the Car Thing, a car device designed to play music. Initially, the device will be handed out for free to all users of the premium Spotify package.

Spotify, one of the world’s leading audio platforms, has introduced a new device specifically for road users. It’s called Car Thing, and it’s practically a standalone Spotify player that you can then install and later leave in your car.

The company is giving away this device free of charge, excluding shipping charges.

For the Car Thing device to work, you really need a smartphone with the ability to transfer data. To use it, you need to connect it (for power) and then connect your phone to Car Thing via Bluetooth. Then your smartphone should connect to the head unit either via Bluetooth or via an additional connection.

But one of the few advantages of Car Thing is that you can leave it in the car while driving. It is also designed for your Spotify Premium account. It also has four preset buttons that you can customize, as well as a voice command function.

But this raises a reasonable question, do we really need a separate device for music these days?

Seriously though, it could be argued that Car Thing is for those who own older vehicles that don’t yet have Apple Carplay or Android Auto, or even those that don’t even have a Bluetooth connection. Having a car can potentially reduce the likelihood that you tinker with your phones just to find the correct playlist, which could potentially lead to fewer distraction-related accidents.

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