“Spring drive” in AIS – prep the car for the summer!


National service network STO AIS offers motorists, without exception, all car brands to prepare your car for spring-summer season. 06 Mar 2020 15 may 2020 there are special prices for batch service – from 228 UAH. to 764 UAH. depending on the region and the list of services.* The benefit ranges from 15% to 50% compared to standard service costs.

In the period of the action range of services is offered at a special fixed price and will cost the customer much cheaper than paying ongoing standard payment terms in normo-hours. Terms and conditions apply to the maintenance of cars of all brands**. The complex of diagnostic, preventive and routine maintenance after vehicle operation in the autumn-winter period is mandatory and is conducted to identify and correct possible malfunctions which directly affect the future of comfortable, trouble free and safe operation of the vehicle.

There is a choice available of four promotional packages:

Package** The services undertaken under the promotional package Promotional price for one HUNDRED, Group 1, RS. VAT*** Promotional price for one HUNDRED and “Group 2”, RS. VAT*** Promotional price for one HUNDRED and “Group 3”, RS. VAT***
Package 1 Air conditioning system:

– cleaning and disinfection

– check for leaks

– diagnosis of the air flow in the cabin, checking the condition of the radiators for contamination

Check cabin filter (replace or clean)

384,00 312,00 310,00
Package 2**** Suspension diagnostics

Brake system – diagnostics (check status Parking brake, inspection of discs and pads)

The fluid – checking levels, checking for leaks

Check condition of tire tread, check pressure and pumping

298,00 248,00 Of 238.00
Package 3 The atomizer (4 pieces) – removal/installation, flushing on the stand

Verification of work efficiency and spray pattern of injectors

Check spark plugs – 4 PCs.

Check the status of the air filter, condition of the intake pipes, throttle

764,00 Of 652.00 636,00
Package 4 Air conditioning system:

– the refrigerant charge (if necessary)

– diagnosis and check for leaks

– check the efficiency of the air conditioning in the cabin

Checking the condition of the radiators for contamination

Check cabin filter and replace (if necessary)

Of 286.00 230,00 228,00

To perform all procedures for the preparation of the car for the summer season at special prices within the framework of the action “the Spring drive!” at any convenient time in the service centers AIS throughout Ukraine.*

To sign up for STO on the phone. To clarify the phone numbers and addresses for station http://ais.ua/contacts.html or by phone 0-800-500-205 (free from all fixed phones in Ukraine).

* Some packages are not available on all SRT AIS. Ask about the possibility of participating shares to the nearest HUNDRED. Specified a promotional package price does not include the cost of materials and spare parts necessary for works.

** Package may not apply depending on the design characteristics of the vehicle and its equipment.

*** Group 1 – one HUNDRED AIS are located in Kiev.

*** Group 2 – STO AIS, located in Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Mykolayiv, Kremenchuk.

*** Group 3 – STO AIS, located in the city of Zaporozhye, Lvov, Krivoy Rog, Kropiwnicki, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Sumy.

*** Discount on loyalty program and promotional offers on packages do not apply.

**** Package 2 not applicable under Routine maintenance for warranty cars.

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