Squalo V12: Ferrari from Britain

Squalo V12: Ferrari from Britain


British firm GTO Engineering has unveiled what its first model will look like.

The first car of GTO Engineering will be the Squalo model, which means “Shark” in Italian. When creating the car design, the company’s engineers were inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO.

The characteristics of the new items have not yet been disclosed, but it is already known that the “two-door” will weigh less than a ton, and it will be driven by a V12, which will also be built with an eye on the Ferrari 250 GTO. There is a possibility that the engine will be carbureted. Experts assume that the output of the power unit will exceed 300 hp. with a volume of 3.5 liters. The transmission will be a manual transmission.

The exclusive 18-inch wheels will be fitted with specially designed tires. The founder and head of the project, Mark Lyon, said that the company is now working on various small elements and this work takes an extremely long time. So far, design models are being created in a studio in the UK, but partners for the production of serial units will be attracted very soon.

The first deliveries of the Squalo V12 are due to begin in 2023, but the company already has orders for the vehicles. Pricing has not yet been announced, nor is the edition.

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