“Square” Suzuki Hustler reincarnated in a new crossover Mazda

“Square” Suzuki Hustler reincarnated in a new crossover Mazda


The successor generation of the small SUV Suzuki debuted in Japan for the second time, only now with logos Mazda. Other differences – the number of complete sets.

In the current Mazda lineup no K-cars of its own design, however, the brand is present in important for the Country of the rising sun segment: compacts for her manufactures Suzuki. For example, hatch Mazda Carol is a Suzuki Alto (not to be confused with the “public sector” for India), and under the name Flair Wagon hides Suzuki Spacia. There is a Japanese Mazda range and SUV – Crossover Flair, he is the Suzuki Hustler. Donor cross was replaced by generation at the end of last year, now came the turn and his clone.

The external difference is only one – the Mazda emblem instead of the Suzuki. Of the features of the exterior: more “square” design on the front bumper there was “fangs”, and in the rear stands – extra Windows. The basis of the new Hustler/Flair Crossover is “truck” Heartect, length (3395 mm) and width (1475 mm) is not changed, as they are limited by the requirements to the class of kei cars. Still remained and the ground clearance (180 mm). But the height and the wheelbase has grown – now 1680 and 2460 mm, respectively (25 and 35 mm more than the previous crosses).


Inside Flair Crossover also copies of Hustler, the main “trick” — three contrasting “Windows” on the front of that frame another glove box and space for a touchscreen multimedia system (“media” only available option, the screen has a diagonal of 9 inches) and “tidy”. The seat of the second row have longitudinal adjustment. And, of course, the cabin of the new Mazda also scattered many niches for storage.

The engine range of Mazda Flair Crossover shared with the donor: this is a three-cylinder 660 CC petrol engine R06D power 49 HP or turbocharged version of the R06A returns 64 HP and Hustler, in both cases, the model Mazda is a “mild” hybrid motor works with the starter-generator. All versions are equipped with a CVT, front – wheel drive or full.

In the twins equipment list includes: adaptive cruise control with tracking control markings (a first for kei cars Suzuki and Mazda), the system auto brake function with pedestrian detection (the latter works even at night), a four-camera assistance system during the descent on steep slopes. Note, cruise control is only of turbulence.

The Suzuki Hustler four trim levels: two with “aspirated”, two with a turbocharged engine (for each, you can choose front or all-wheel drive). And a new Flair Crossover three variants – turbo based on only the top cross (but Mazda’s four-wheel drive is available for each version).


Sales of Mazda SUV will start in late February. The price of the underlying (1 365 100 yen or $ 12,500 at current exchange rate) and “average” (1 518 13 000 yen or $ 900) sets of models coincide. But the top-end Mazda Flair Crossover with a turbo engine is more expensive – from 1 665 400 yen ($15 300), while the price of “rich” Hustler starts with 1 612 600 yen ($14 800). Apparently, the most expensive Mazda has the equipment to Hustler is an option.

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