SSC admitted that their hypercar has not yet overcome the barrier of 482.7 km / h

SSC admitted that their hypercar has not yet overcome the barrier of 482.7 km / h


Representatives of SSC North America issued a statement that the Tuatara hypercar has not yet overcome the 482.7 km / h barrier. The company still intends to set an absolute speed record among production cars.

In October 2020, SSC North America made headlines with its Tuatara hypercar, which the company claims has reached an unprecedented speed for a production road car. According to the official announcement, the spiritual successor to the iconic Ultimate Aero hit 484.53 km / h in one direction and 532.93 km / h in the other, averaging 508.73 km / h.

Attentive viewers quickly noticed inconsistencies in the footage released by SSC, which cast doubt on Tuatara’s alleged record-breaking mileage.

Fast forward to January 2021: a new attempt to set the speed ended with the car accelerating to an average of 455.2 km / h after reaching a speed of 450.1 km / h in one direction and 460.4 km / h in the other … SSC has now admitted that it has not yet cleared the 482.7 km / h barrier, but promises to remedy the situation with the next attempt at top speed.

A statement posted on SSC’s official Instagram page says:

“We would like to officially acknowledge that we did not reach the originally announced speed of 532.58 km / h or even 484.31 km / h in October 2020.” The company says it was “truly heartbroken” due to its inability to accelerate to 482.7 km / h, but is striving to achieve its goal “transparently, officially and undeniably.”

Another attempt to set the record should have happened earlier, but SSC’s plans were thwarted in May by a plane crash involving an auto transporter with Tuatara on board at the time of the collision. Founder and CEO Jarod Shelby said in an interview that they “have recovered from this accident and we are currently preparing to set a REAL world record.”

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