Stainless classic from Ford will go under the hammer

Stainless classic from Ford will go under the hammer


In the September auction Auburn Auction company Worldwide Auctioneers will put an unusual item. It’s three cars with stainless steel bodies, built by Ford Motor Company in cooperation with the steel company Allegheny Ludlum Inc for a new alloy. The lot is offered “without reserve price”, i.e. the minimum value not established.

In 1935, Ford and Allegheny Ludlum Inc. (now Allegheny Technologies) have teamed up to promote the new “amazing alloy”, stainless steel from which made the body for six Deluxe Sedan model 1936 year. And the cars weren’t show cars – they drove the leadership of the Allegheny, is wound on each of the three hundred thousand kilometers. Of these machines to our days survived only four, including the one from the first day belonged to Allegheny.


Later Ford released the Thunderbird, two stainless steel and three such convertible Lincoln Continental 1967. All the surviving cars are now exhibited in museums like the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, and three are still in the ownership of Allegheny Technologies. Now the company has decided to sell the unique collection, which will go on the auction Worldwide Auctioneers.

The most famous car with a body made of stainless steel is the DeLorean DMC-12. However, the manufacturer used a plastic base, which put a panel of brushed steel. Of modern cars is Tesla Cybertruck. Power structure electric truck is made of cold-rolled stainless steel, as the outer panels.

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