Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Bugatti | Chiron Pur Sport

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Bugatti | Chiron Pur Sport


This is the new Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport and it’s rear design is inspired by the X-Wing Starfighter Jet from Star Wars! Special thanks to Frank Heyl & Bugatti.La Voiture Noire – Divo – Centodieci – Super Sport 300+ – Follow me on:

we have the spotters out in force today you guys what’s up it’s supercar blondie here in the home of Bugatti at Mall time and for a very special reason there is a whole new Bugatti right here that I’m about to show you and you see the spot is just run along the fence line the entire hello okay let me show you this car this is so cool but you’re just gonna have to watch it on my channel yeah all right here we go now the back is really special all right guys come with it the path what do you see here a massive X look at this see here all the way down and here all the way down and that is inspired by the x-wing jet fighter from Star Wars but Bugatti calls it this year on sports we’re gonna go with the X part of the property just we know we know what it should really be called recently they unveiled the shear on Supersports 300 plus that was made for top speeds right in a broker world record this one here is made for cornering the shear on that broke the world speed record achieve speeds of around four hundred and ninety kilometers an hour this one right here is capped at a top speed of 350 kilometers an hour but that is because they want to try and focus on the cornering and the grip rather than top speeds you’re looking at a whole new front for a Chiron and this has become much more aggressive here this comes over the over the headlights this is being widened this whole air intake here is also wider so you’re looking at a whole they’ve taken off 50 kilos from the standard shear on the first way is right here with these wheels these are a lot lighter than the standard shear on wheels you see how they look like a spider web the tire actually leans in towards the top so you can only see the bottom of the tire there from the front and not this part and that is because it’s for better grip while you’re cornering so all of the tires do that they all lean in at the top because of all the braking done right in and out of corners the brakes are gonna get really hot so in order to cope with the sheer amount of heat they have actually made the wheels out of magnesium instead of carbon fiber so that actually works to disperse the heat from out of this area these are arrow blades made out of carbon fiber and that actually creates like a suction in turn creates more downforce these are actually 3d printed parts made out of titanium and that’s also to save weight this saw fit together where it says Bugatti you can actually customize that and you can put anything there imagine like X on the back that’d be quite cool right sheer on engine a 1/8 lead w16 that we’ve 15 horsepower and they’ve actually completely changed the gearbox means that you can shift between the gears a lot more quickly it accelerates a forty percent more quickly out of corners then the standard Chiron imagine that feeling forty percent quicker zero is 102 point three seconds whereas the standard Sharon is two point four seconds these things may seem like very small changes but actually when you behind the wheel they are massive you’ve got this beautiful pattern here that’s been lasered into the Alcantara and then you’ve got all of this stitching that’s new on the seats and also massive panels here of Alcantara and that’s to save weight everything is focused on saving weight in this car and increasing downforce there’s a sports plus mode you guys now this is where we talk about the drifting part so what that does is when you put it in that mode it will allow for the car to sleep out so you can actually drift around corners before the traction control actually comes on goes all right guys we’ve rein in it a little bit so it will allow for that drift whereas on a standard Chiron the traction control will forcibly grab the car a lot quicker and it’s limited to 60 cars that’s it that’s all they’re gonna make of them all right I’ve not only got this car to show you guys today there is an incredible lineup over there of all the latest Sheeran’s all that it’s okay I won’t even talk about it let’s just go have a look this is Frank everyone you know Frank what man yeah pretty good this is the new Ford shake that’s going around so you know trying to avoid the virus and responsible right it’s either this I think there’s no one as well and then the foot one we’re moving practicing all day we’ve had a few Falls and now we’ve got it yeah so this is Frank you guys here’s the deputy design director did I get that right Edie yeah perfect there you go and you guys know Frank from my channel he’s on with me all the time when we talk about Bugatti because Frank is the best simply put we’re actually gonna get in this car Frank is gonna drive it we’re actually gonna see it in motion for the first time all right they go look in movement in flight and surprise in the lineup isn’t that incredible alright so we’ve got so much to talk about we’ll go through these ones in a second but let’s look at this new baby first who did you make this for well with the Supersport we’ve made a car that is made for tops yeah then we have which is the core product for shoe on a national sport and this is the pure sport which is taking it into the other direction right which is agility and handling so do you think people will buy both there will be collectors with having both no garages yes that’s madness so this one’s really for like cornering and drifting I never thought I’d say a Bugatti is for drifting but there you go for the skilled driver for sure you’re looking at me like don’t drift lovely place well you haven’t had a drifting listen I’ve had but I don’t think I’m at the point where I can drift Abu Garcia no no not going Expo right yeah I think I need a few more lessons we also have raised the diffuser with a much steeper rake angle here we have to create downforce from the diffuser line and plus we have this super lightweight printed from titanium through the printer from uranium which allows us to have some magnetic misses and save some extra weight okay thing that we had to design an extra coating around this to fulfill the 2.5 degree two point five millimeter radius here every qualities in the home location rules for passengers because otherwise it’s just too dangerous to have otherwise leanings oh sure yeah right that’s crazy we call those arrow blades and when the wheel rotates they actually create a draught of air coming from the inside of the wheel to the outside extracting the hot air from the brake and slow like filling up the negative pressure that we have here on the side from the tail from the air bouncing off this edge here it creates a negative pressure and the wheel fills this negative pressure and reattaches the airflow to the body side okay and on the real that’s why we put also those plates also Olivia they prevent the hot air from coming out of here and re-entering here so this is a problem that we used to have yeah it’s now shielded off as it’s getting taken away by the wind okay fine all right we’ve talked about this one we’ve got to get on we’ve got so many different this is the world record speed braking car the super sports 300 plus you can see here they’ve actually left all of the blood spatters on the front of the car and to keep it in that condition just to show that that was the moment that it worked that world record that’s pretty cool it broke the 300 mile per hour barrier so this one will never be washed we can never wash it unfortunately with also the original box well it has a winner but it stays down it stays in and speed low right we’ve extended to attach the air flow for as long as possible and territory sized edge so you see how much longer it is you guys and then when you achieve the top speed records that stay down whereas on that car over there because this one’s made for cornering this one is a fixed wing that stays up the fixed wing doesn’t move we’ve eradicated the kinematics to safe weight yeah it stays in that position so that’s a major difference between those two shirin’s you guys this one’s limited to 30 only 30 at three and a half million euros all right let’s move on I absolutely love these back flights these are amazing they’re really three-dimensional right there so dual purpose as well and eliminating that also extracting heat from the engine bay so they’re ventilation as well there you go um here this one is actually inspired by the EB 110 but this yeah it’s kind of squared off it’s not right that’s right and we have certain citations to the EB 110 yeah back in the 90s which was a much more angular con right and yet we’ve really interpreted in a much more modern way so that’s why this is all one section right only ten of these babies will be made at 8 million euros right now this beauty lover tune Wally this is actually Frank’s car he bought it for 11 million euros didn’t she Frank I got a company discount it was 15 million euros and he got it for 11 so this is only one in the world they’re only making one I’m gonna let you explain what this center line actually refers to but this goes all the way here from the front to the back of the car Frank that’s beautiful that’s right this car is inspired by the type 57s C Atlantic that was the first car made entirely out of aluminum right and back then they couldn’t weld aluminum so they riveted it in the middle right had this kind of wind running through this Center that’s why it’s on here and these beautiful headlights I just love this detail this is gorgeous we’re looking at the wheels of the pure sport earlier and these look completely different so what’s going on with these wheels yeah that’s why those wheels were 3d printed as well and the shape is only created by 3d printing as it’s so complex it this line here this is beautiful just one that’s gorgeous and you’ve got the six exhaust pipes awesome alright so eleven million euros for that one car that is the most expensive production car ever made and finally we have the debo we’re looking at something very special because this is one of the very first customer cars going on yeah you see it’s only one and a half years ago they met in television where we presented the show car first production car ready for them right here they’re only making 40 of these the DeVos at five million euros each and just take a look at the front this is what I love about it Frank you are pointing to this earlier just how wide almost at the edge of the body and it makes the car look more aggressive and it looks even wider because they’re at the very outer corner of the car so cool and dual tone interior where one side is white one side is is darker the huh looks awesome as well congratulations to the new owner that’s exciting alright guys that I didn’t know was going to happen today so that was a big surprise from Bugatti a massive thank you to Bugatti for having us here today at the home of Bugatti in Mulsanne lining up all of these incredible cars for us to take a look at and a massive thank you to frame as well thanks for coming by once again we’ll see you again soon yes stay well you guys and thank you so so much for watching a massive thanks to my supercar blondie family all right we’ll see somewhere else in the world with another amazing car bike

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