Start-up Arrival has become close

Start-up Arrival has become close


The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for vans to deliver goods to consumers at home. Arrival will build a second micro factory in the United States. Most of the products will go to fulfill the order from the largest delivery service UPS.

Arrival, a British electric van and bus startup, has announced that it will build a new plant in North Carolina, and most of its production will go towards fulfilling an order for 10,000 vehicles from UPS, a shipping company. Arrival Microfabrika in Charlotte will be the second start-up plant in the US and is set to begin production in the third quarter of 2022. Last October, Arrival announced plans to build a plant in South Carolina.

Arrival plans to build a series of small businesses, which it calls “micro factories.” They are reported to take up much less space and require less investment than conventional car factories. The factories will not have expensive paint shops or welding equipment, which also require a lot of space.

Arrival is investing about $ 41.2 million in a plant in Charlotte that will be able to assemble up to 10,000 electric vehicles a year and create more than 250 jobs. The van and bus company will go public later this month through its merger with CIIG Merger Corp., a specialized financial services company.

Frenetic investor interest in finding the next Tesla Inc. and bringing it to market through SPAC led them to commercial EV startups such as Canoo Inc. and Arrival. Tighter CO2 targets in Europe and China are combined with improved battery technology to provide more range at lower cost, giving commercial EVs the opportunity to take their place in the sun after years of waiting.

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