Started accepting orders for electrocreaser Volvo XC40

Started accepting orders for electrocreaser Volvo XC40


This event will become a landmark for the Swedish brand and define the company’s strategy for at least the next five years.

Swedish automaker Volvo announced on the eve of the beginning of acceptance of applications for all-electric crossover. This event was awaited for by many fans of the brand and potential buyers. While XC40 Recharge P8 AWD available only on the European market. Recall that the XC40 was the first completely electric car, the already in the first day it received a few thousand orders.

In addition to the crossover, Volvo was able to interest buyers special offers when purchasing this car – for example, in some countries, the company will pay the charging machine to its customers. The Volvo XC40 is the first link of the company in the course of the electrification of their vehicles – by 2025, the Swedish brand expects the share of electric vehicles in the brand sales will reach 50%. With the remaining 50% should take hybrid cars instead of cars with classic combustion engines.


Volvo XC40 has a powerful motor with recoil 406 HP At the same time with the powerful battery, the cruising range without recharging up to 400 km.

Customers will also be available fast charging function to the battery made up for 80% of its capacity need only 40 minutes. Serial production of the model will begin this year, and the first copies will be delivered to customers towards the end of 2020.

Would you buy a Volvo crossover on the batteries?

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