Started production of updated Skoda Octavia

Started production of updated Skoda Octavia


At this time, the car manufacturer has produced more than 6.5 million copies of her bestseller, which is considered one of the most popular compact models in the Czech Republic, Austria, Finland and Switzerland.

“The new Octavia on our main plant in mladá Boleslav marks the beginning of a new Chapter in the impressive success story of our brand. We have invested in upgrading our production lines, allowing us to create the best Octavia ever existed its 60th anniversary,” – said in a press release.


The new Octavia comes off the Assembly line in the production hall M13 in the headquarters of Skoda in mladá Boleslav. Skoda has created the first modern Octavia more than 20 years ago. To create an updated Octavia, the manufacturer has prepared its capacity for innovative processes and technology, robots have also been applied to a large number of complex tasks in production. Each day 1 150 cars Octavia fourth generation by the time they retire, which is considered one of the most modern and environmentally friendly of its kind in Europe, and delivered to customers around the world.

Larger, better connected and more emotional: the updated Skoda Octavia celebrated its world premiere at the National gallery in Prague on 11 November. Like its previous versions, the latest generation machine boasts a modern design and advanced technology combined with exceptional efficiency, revolutionary practicality, and superior quality. More places, a set of equipment that in most cases the models are more high-level, innovative connectivity options and improved assistance systems provide even greater comfort and safety. For example, the new Octavia became the first Skoda model that received the head-up display that shows the most important data onto the windscreen.

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