Started selling the cheapest Harley-Davidson

Started selling the cheapest Harley-Davidson


They have no engine V-twin and chrome. But the price tag is not up to a thousand “dollars” and behind the wheel you can put the smallest riders!

Baby electric running bikes “Harley” from StayCyc bought motobrend six months ago, called IRONe12 and IRONe16, and digital index indicates the diameter of the wheels (12 and 16 inches, respectively). Although, of course, machines have different capacity electric motors. IRONe12 is aimed at novice riders aged 3-5 years old and weighs 7.7 kg, while the older model with a mass of 8.6 kg and a height of the saddle at 432 mm vs 330 mm can manage 5 to 7 year old pilots.

Both electric bike have a choice of driving modes with three settings. As you can guess, you can not adjust the responsiveness of the power plant or suspension stiffness, and to limit the temperament of the apparatus in accordance with the skill of the rider. Conditional training mode limits the top speed to 8 km/h, and the remaining two allow you to squeeze 14 and 17 km/h On a full charge the traction battery requires 30-60 minutes. IRONe12 worth of $ 649, and IRONe16 – from $ 699.

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