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Isolation is the most effective way of protection in a pandemic coronavirus at the moment. But what if the date of the last registration of insurance a year has passed, and that means it is time once again to take care of compulsory insurance. Come to the aid of the online insurance service hotline finance.

How to make CTP contactless

The service prepares the contactless auto insurance for more than two years. For the purchase of the policy does not need to leave your home and visit the office of the insurance company. The entire procedure is in remote mode. For registration you will need:

  • a device with Internet access, it can be a laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • vehicle data that you want to insure, and details of the owner of the car,
  • card for payment.

For registration go to the website Hotline.Finance section insurance, enter information about the vehicle, choose insurance program and pay with your card. The electronic policy will automatically be uploaded to the motor insurance Bureau at the time of payment and will be sent to the email specified at registration. Literally five minutes, sitting on the couch at home, you can insure yourself or your family, protect themselves and their risks.

Through the service Hotline.Finance can arrange insurance for cars, electric cars, motorcycles, trailers and trailers, and cars with Euronorm. In addition, the site can use the discount on benefits, which is convenient for clearance autocivil for pensioners and other owners of privileged identities.

How much is the electronic policy autocivil

On the website Hotline Finance are the leading insurance companies of Ukraine. The intuitive interface makes insurance as simple as banal pizza order on the website of the pizzeria.

The cost of e-insurance issued by the remotely lower than the insurance issued by the office of the insurance company, because the price of e-insurance does not count salary of employees, rent and other costs of maintaining the office. And thanks to regular discounts and promotions on the website Hotline.Finance, insurance cost on average 40% cheaper.

To calculate the cost of insurance for your car, use the online calculator on the website. It is sufficient to specify:

  • the type of vehicle
  • the volume of the engine,
  • the place of residence of the vehicle owner.

If you wish, you can also choose the deductible, additional coverage and other options.

Why make CTP during the period of quarantine

In terms of quarantine personal transport remained the only feasible method of transportation. Some drivers believe that the policy can not be renewed until the car is used and parked under the Windows of the house. But they do not consider that the introduction of quarantine regime intensified service delivery. Couriers on cars, mopeds or motorcycles cannot always cope with the management, particularly on unfamiliar terrain. Narrow yards, cluttered with cars and desire the courier to deliver the package on time, can make your car involved in an accident, even when there is nobody driving.

Share information about remote extension autocivil with friends, colleagues and relatives. They may not know that such service exist or be wary of Internet shopping. Online insurance has always been the most reliable and cost-effective way. But in terms of quarantine, this version of the design autocivil only one left.

Bonus for readers – 10% discount for online insurance in the promotional code INFOCAR2020. Discount promo code combinable with promotions or sales on the website hotline finance.

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