Stealing The La Ferrari Aperta!!

Stealing The La Ferrari Aperta!!


This is the first time I get to fully drive The La Ferrari Aperta – unreal experience to really describe. Huge thanks to Tani Hanna for this experience!Follow me Hanna

all right I’ve got to Ferrari keys one to the laferrari the other one to the laferrari Aperta so we’re gonna leave the laferrari behind this time we’re gonna get in the laferrari effort as shiaas being delivered just yesterday it’s only being driven a couple of kilometers okay all right ready this is a longer stall just an Apache barbecue Jesus cried I left two for two minutes and he sneaked behind it just lays in my car I had to take it for a spin can I have use no you promise me one thing all right oh my god how worried are you on a scale of 1 and I didn’t even drive this car alright let’s the Mac do you have a right position yeah where is your manatee know how brave are you I’m very well without break but yeah that’s the question then you put the AC off I just just leave the crappy traction control on for now alright let’s see how you do keep a traction control on then this is the e mode now you can see my see the demos doesn’t matter but you put your foot in the gasses again okay I want it in manual on Manny oh yeah just go on okay it isn’t Mariano remember we have gold tires so we don’t really it is loaded don’t flow us right yeah unless you have a straight line that was just it okay and I will switch that off for you so when they have no Geeta he get anymore you know he driving go on oh my god you’re making my dreams come true don’t like it too much because I’m not giving it to you oh I really really want to Hey are you in the light yeah Tony’s gonna give me the car now of the press listen I think it will slay them more it you did exactly what I thought I flawed it I just spoke the walls it’s better happy to come anniversa really how insane is that but Wow actually she thought the Camino that’s it I can’t drive any other Carnell it’s gonna ruin me forever this is it this is like the best I can’t get out that’s right I might just bring my sleeping bag thanks a lot good you don’t mind you have to clean your finger part of my power you use them anything yes please I know that good job good job

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