Stellantis to create auto electrification unit

Stellantis to create auto electrification unit


The newly formed international auto giant Stellantis, combining the FCA and PSA brands, is about to actively tackle electrification. And it has every chance of becoming a leader: it has a variety of platforms and technologies in its assets.

Under the leadership of Stellantis, a new division will be launched, which will combine the developments of two auto concerns FCA and PSA in the field of car electrification. The new division is headed by an experienced FCA specialist Harald Wester.

He has quite a wealth of management experience: he is responsible for all of Stellantis’s global engineering operations. But both of his deputies previously held senior positions in the PSA.

The new division will develop power plants, related electronic systems, and more.

Moreover, under the supervision of Patrice Lucas, the development and production of crossovers will be carried out, and he will also be entrusted with the formation of various product segments.

Thus, the model range for Europe differs from the cars that the carmaker has prepared for its customers in North America. But Nicholas Morel got the European technical centers.

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