Stellantis to retain all 14 brands

Stellantis to retain all 14 brands


The head of the newly formed Stellantis concern, Carlos Tavares, spoke about plans to support investment in the development of the Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands over the next 10 years. Writes about this edition Autocar.

Stellantis plans to secure the task of creating and implementing a new model strategy for the brands Alfa Romeo and Lancia. According to the top manager, Alfa Romeo has great value in the eyes of customers, so it would be unwise to refuse it. True, the brand needs to expand, for which it is necessary to listen to the opinion of potential customers. The head of the Stellantis concern noted the inevitability of the electrification of the Alfa Romeo model range.

“We will give each of our brands the opportunity, under the leadership of a strong director, to define their own vision, draw up a development strategy and use Stellantis assets to implement their business ideas,” Tavares told Autocar in an interview.

As a reminder, new car sales in Europe are gradually recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, even as disease-related restrictions remain in key markets. Car registrations of the Volkswagen Group, Europe’s largest automaker, rose 46%, while sales of the second-largest Stellantis jumped 141%. Renault Group registrations increased by 70%.

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