Stellantis won’t bring Peugeot brand back to United States

Stellantis won’t bring Peugeot brand back to United States


Peugeot will not make it to the US market, but there is plenty to do in native Europe. Sales of the Sochaux brand rose from 736,440 to 968,341 vehicles from 2013 to 2019, but last year demand dropped by 22% (753,429 vehicles), bringing the French back to the level of eight years ago.

In 1987, Peugeot 405 became the European “Car of the Year”, gaining the largest number of points in the history of the competition – 464. And the “four hundred and fifth” became the last Peugeot sold in the United States. That story ended in 1991, but the French thought about resuming sales in the States almost ten years ago. To develop this direction, they even hired a well-known manager in the United States, and in addition to Peugeot, it was planned to launch the DS brand on the other side of the ocean. However, the head of the newly formed concern Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, confirmed to Automotive News Europe that no one else is going to return Peugeot to America.

The 58-year-old Larry Dominic, who has been preparing the ground for Peugeot’s return to America since the spring of 2017, and previously worked in Nissan, will take over the management of Alfa Romeo across the Atlantic.

Increasing sales of Chrysler and Alfa Romeo brands has been chosen as a priority area in the US market. It is not surprising that the United States refused to reincarnate Peugeot, because even without this, Stellantis has two problem assets. Italians returned to this market seven years ago, but during that time, sales were only 73,991 units. The natively American Chrysler is noticeably more popular, but demand has been falling for the fifth year in a row and has halved compared to 2016. There are only two cars in the brand’s lineup – the Pacifica minivan-breadwinner (its basic version Voyager does not fit a separate model) and the antediluvian 300 sedan. p>

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