Sterile Rolls-Royce. What are we talking about?

Sterile Rolls-Royce. What are we talking about?


Rolls-Royce announced that all new and updated models of the brand will get an innovative air purification system, which will make the interior of the car is almost sterile. For the first time, system will appear on the new Ghost, the premiere of which is scheduled for this fall.

Air purification system called Micro Environment Purification System (MEPS). The assurances Rolls-Royce, it is the most technologically advanced to date and is able to provide “an unprecedented level of filtering”.


In the car installed extremely sensitive to the level of harmful impurities and particles in the air, but the prospect of catching the excess pollution, automatically transfers the system from outside air intake to the recirculated air mode. One of the important components of MEPS – air filter from nanoflash, which is less than two minutes runs through all the air, holding not only dust particles but bacteria.

In the future, MEPS may be activated remotely using a smartphone.

The system debuts on the new generation of Rolls-Royce Ghost this fall. The first running prototypes of the new products was seen at the beginning of 2019. We know that the new Ghost is created based on the aluminum platform Architecture of Luxury (it is used in the current Phantom sedan and crossover Cullinan) and get a V12 petrol engine volume of 6.75 liters.

The first generation of the compact sedan Rolls-Royce created on the modernized platform of the BMW 7 series, debuted in 2009 and five years later survived the restyling. In August 2019 were issued last 50 copies of Ghost in the “farewell” version of the Zenith Collector’s Edition.


The model was offered in variants standard and long wheelbase, as well as in the version of the Black Badge, which featured a special finishing using carbon fiber and forced to 612 HP engine with a displacement of 6.6 liters (the coupe – 632 HP). Power stock motor – 570 HP

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