Stig vs Clarkson vs Hammond vs May – CROSS LONDON RACE

Stig vs Clarkson vs Hammond vs May – CROSS LONDON RACE


In an effort to see which is the quickest way to get across London, Hammond gets on his bike, James takes to the road and Clarkson goes for a ride down the river. But will they beat The Stig who’s opted for good old public transport? Clip taken from series 10 episode 5.Watch The Stig ride public transport as Clarkson, May and Hammond join him in a race across london. What will be fastest between Stig on the Underground, Jeremy in a speedboat, Hammond on a pushbike and James May in a car?Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

Where are you? On the river I just got onto embankment.
Where are you? I'm just going past Fulham football club. This was bad news.
Jeremy was now only a minute or so from one's worth bridge
where he could put his foot down. So although the car was imprisoned
by the traffic, the boat was coming into play
and Stig was closing in too Please mind the gap between the train
and the platform. I've got nineteen miles an hour showing
them a lot of speed over here. I've got to keep that up I feel sick. There we go with bridge. Yes! Okay, Hammond and May,
live with this! That's the embankment. Where's May? At this point Richard was just eight miles
from the airport. I had 17 miles to cover
but I was going an awful lot faster. The Stig was now catching Hammond too and even worse views
for the wall in shorts. James had cleared the traffic. Here we go. We've got to be Jeremy
and you cannot (inaudible). That is the fire station, ladies
and gentlemen, to your right. Coming on to Melbourne now… Labour
Party. They won't like this very much. I don't like this car,
I have to be brutally honest, it's not my kind of things, but a car
is nevertheless the right way to do this. I've got it just set
to 20 degrees, bit of Radio 3 Yeah, pull on me, why not,
that's way I'm there for! The Stig in a close second was now
making his final train change. Hello, officers! I just went past the police at 45 miles
an hour. Annoyingly, I couldn't fully open the taps
because weirdly I had traffic problems. Look at it, just endless tourists. My speed up. This train's ready to King George V
by London City Airport. 2025, 2018, so frustrating. Where is Jeremy on this boat? Tower Bridge, coming through! As the river widened, I became
the fastest-moving man in all of London. Coming out to 50 miles an hour.
How can we lose now? It simply is not possible. Yeah! At this stage, James was last and the Stig was still several stops away
from the airport. So it was becoming a two-horse race. The bends in the river had made
my journey seven miles longer, but I was now doing a whopping
seventy miles an hour. Hammond was probably failing
quite good about his chances. I'm sorry, mate. Let go now, let go. Bloody light! Bloody light! London VTS, London VTS,
this is red cougar requesting permission
to go through the barrier at speed. Inaudible. Sorry. Somewhere around there there's
an airport and I've got to go on port… City airport, there it is! Come on! I'm here, I've arrived! Coming through! You are late. A gentleman on a bike
has checked in allready. -What?
-A gentleman on a bike has checked in. -Hammond?
-Yes. -I'm in on you.
-How the hell did you do that? It's easier on a pushbike,
you don't get stuck. You've ruined top good.
It's the last ever show. I bent it a bit, but hang on then,
what you're saying is I've ruined Top Gear
because I went on a bike. -You came second in a boat.
-Between us we've ruined Top Gear. We sat down to see
if Top Gear could be salvaged. Just long as the Claw beats
public transport. -That's a very good point.
-What if the car loses to public? We need for public transport
to come stone dead last. We soon got an answer. – Oh, no!
– Did he go on a tube? Underground, did you go dark,
flashing lights? -Did you go on a train?
-With other people? What he's just done is he's gone
slower than a boat of the bicycle. Inside is all numbers. It's gona be
a bit of smoke. Keep watching. Fifteen minutes after the Stig,
James arrived. -Thank you James.
-What have you done? The car, as an entity, lies
smashed and broken in front of us. Because of you.
He beat you on public transport.

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