Still can not calm down: another special model Lancia edinsvennoe

Still can not calm down: another special model Lancia edinsvennoe


This year, Lancia has released a special version of its small hatchback Ypsilon – it was a hybrid, reminding us of “soft-hybrid” Fiat 500 and Panda. Now this Italian firm has introduced a new model based on electric supermini. It will be designed only for the Italian market. We are talking about a version called EcoChic with a distinctive exterior Maryne, inspired by the color of the sea.

In addition, this special hybrid gets the EcoChic nameplates on the C-pillars and the decor under the “gloss black” on the front panel, the side mirrors and the rear bumper and the black wheel covers for 15 inch steel wheels. For pack available Pack Style 15-inch wheels of special alloy and back protective glass.


Significant changes on the part of the interior no. Developer special “eco-friendly” upholstery seats. Material made from plastic harvested by fishermen from the Mediterranean sea.

The movement novelty leads the same mild hybrid three-cylinder petrol engine FireFly 1 liter, which was submitted in March 2020. His power is 70 HP, and in doing so, he helps a 12-volt electrovoice BSG. Combined with new 6МКПП, – electric powertrain will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 24% compared with a 1.2-liter engine, to replace which it came. Prices for Ypsilon Hybrid Maryne start with a mark at 16 400 euros.

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