Stinger didn’t live up to expectations…

Stinger didn’t live up to expectations…


Even despite the positive comments from journalists, this is the worst-selling KIA model in the United States. In Europe, sales are even worse.

At the time of its appearance in 2017, this rear-wheel drive liftback with a driver’s bias, atypical for KIA, caused a real sensation. But apparently people talked more about how brave the guys at KIA are, what they released. Because in the main US market for the model in 2019, only 13,861 were sold. In 2020, sales fell even more – 12,556 vehicles per year. From the beginning of the year to June 2021, sales grew by just 147 vehicles. And this is taking into account the restyling, and the total shortage of new cars due to the shortage of microcircuits.

On July 16, KIA published a production plan for its factories in South Korea. And the plant where the KIA Stinger is now being produced is expected to be reorganized in early 2022. It is reportedly going to be converted to produce electrified models, with a focus on the KIA Carnival plug-in hybrid.

The Sohari plant is not the only one where the KIA Stinger is assembled. And the model has only survived the “facelift”. However, those who are potentially considering buying this car should hurry up. It is possible that in 2022 the model may leave some markets, including the American one.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the KIA Stinger from the FineAuto team:

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